Ongoing Projects


With a view towards the specific expertise of the practice where Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) intersects with digital technology, one project is concerned with the development of an automatic AI-based measurement system of Learn Units (D. Greer) in realtime. This project is being carried out in collaboration with Columbia University Teachers College in New York. 


A second project deals with the application of behavioranalytic principles to robotics. Specifically, the Child Psychology Practice Garmisch is employing the humanoid robot NAO (Softbank Robotics, Paris) in cooperation with the Chair of Complex and Intelligent Systems at the University of Passau (B. Schuller) to study the robot's interaction with children and adolescents.


A further project is concerned with loading and distributing an online parent behavior program for children with special needs for therapy centers, schools and caregivers in collaboration with our cloud publishing partner Mundo Pato (Portland, Oregon).


With a Chinese colleague from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (F. Hsu), the pracitce is exploring the prospects of disseminating ABA for children and adolescents into the Chinese education system.


Finally, a regional project supported by the Bavarian Ministry of Health and Care is developing new formats for children and adolescents to support their health behavior using digital educational technology. In this context Dr. Pohl received an award for innovation in health telematics from the Bavarian Ministry of Health and Care in 2015.


Over many years our scientific and practical experience has convinced us that the only thing that restrains the application of behavioral research to human affairs is our traditional doctrine of behavior as a manifestation of mind - as opposed to behavior as a subject matter of natural science. Potential clients or partners can now benefit from the expertise accumulated by Dr. Pohl and the Child Psychology Practice Garmisch over the past years in applied behavioral research and employ it to their advantage. Whether from the private or public sector, partners will have a sizeable head start in applying behavior analysis - particularly in the fields of education, psychology and medicine  - to any number of challenges concerning the future of children and learning.