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Applied Research

Applying behavioural science to many hundreds of children with behavioural problems over the years has proven to be extremely rewarding both for the families involved and for the Child Psychology Practice Garmisch. Time and again, it has provided empirical evidence that in many cases our present stage of the science of behaviour is commensurate with the complexity of behavioural challenges and problems in real life. Anyone who has worked with behavioural procedures professionally can see that nothing less than a science of human behaviour will help to solve some of the terrifying problems facing us today. Indeed, the only thing that restrains the application of behavioural research to human affairs is our traditional doctrine that views behaviour as a manifestation of mind - as opposed to a subject matter of natural science. Potential clients or partners can now benefit from the expertise accumulated by Dr. Pohl and the Child Psychology Practice Garmisch over the past years in applied behavioural research and employ it to their advantage. Whether from the private or public sector, clients will have a sizeable head start in applying behaviour analysis to any number of challenges concerning the future of children and adolescents.

Potential clients or partners for applied research from the Child Psychology Practice Garmisch

  • Educational institutions
  • Educational policy makers
  • Educational media publishers
  • Educational games developers and producers
  • Educational software developers and publishers
  • Educational consultants
  • Learning technology developers and producers
  • Child and adolescent mental health services policy makers
  • Preschool institution policy makers
  • University departments
  • Investors

Applied research services offered by the Child Psychology Practice Garmisch clearly depend on individual client specifications. Interested parties are asked to contact or phone +49 – 8821 – 94 77 50 for more information.